langue : fr, es, cn

Born in 1974 in Brittany, lives and works in Romans, France.

From sculpture to drawing, scenography and installations, Awena Cozannet's works are founded on the human body, on Man and his temporality. Be they resting on the ground, hanging from the sky or buried underground, her sculptures form landscapes in which body size is relative. The depiction is symbolic, the viewer is a seed relative to the scale of the world.

As she sews, ties, attaches, assembles, Awena Cozannet uses materials as a language and the body as a material. Some of her sculptures are worn by herself or by others, just long enough for a picture or a public performance. This approach has led her to develop the collaboration of artistic practices in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan and China that have deeply marked her creative work. She develops through her different projects, residencies and exhibitions in which she participates or that she organizes in France and abroad.