langue : fr, es, cn

In the painting by Jacques MIGAYROU there are long stretches, constantly repeated as long desires that clash with the measured, defined space.

Always repeated, the same attempts to go and explore the place in an upright and straightforward ascent or in a more oblique, more insidious way, with languorous embraces, formidable folds, deadly tentacles.
It is always love, betrayal and death; Everything vibrates and grinds like in an opera with its outbursts of passion.

Because Jacques MIGAYROU is an artist of the wave, of the vibration that fills all the vacuum; With him the vacuum is never empty, it is full, it sounds and resounds, it echoes from all sides, it becomes music.
The music which he envies so much for its emotional power.

And through the deformations that he inflicts on a landscape, a bouquet of flowers, the bodies that populate his paintings, he longs to create that emotion.

The transformations that he operates represent the passage from reality to dream, to this ideal of beauty that he pursues.

From the subject chosen as it was at the time of its accuracy, attacked by inner and outer waves, these ovoid shapes, these stretches which now mark his work; From that subject will appear a new shape, an adventure that develops from canvas to canvas.

A volcanic, sensual painting that one perceives physically and that the viewer can not escape.