langue : fr, es, cn

My work feeds on two cultures: my native culture, that of Yunnan (southwest of China), and Western

culture, that of my current daily environment.

I spent my childhood in a village in Yunnan where there are populations that perpetuate customs

based on primitive cults, customs dating back to the origin of m​an. In my village,​worship​​ is part of

life. When​ one​ was really sick, my mother ​would ​ma​k​e a clay coffin in which she​ would​ lay a little

character and would leave it in the mountain so that the disease remain there.

When I arrived in Europe, I could no longer stand embroidery and totems ... I rejected that aspect of

my culture of origin. I would draw and paint; I was interested in video; but then, with time, I re-

appropriated my native culture. A reflection on myself led me to re connect with it.

In 2005, I started to create my installations using mixed techniques: embroidery, sculpture, drawing,

paper cut ... I recycle "traditional" techniques while continuing to develop my own language and my

research on links that can be established between installation practices in contemporary art and the

practice of those cults with which I grew up.

Chen Xuefeng, ​

Visual artist